Log cabins

Are you looking to build a log cabin house? Log cabins have for centuries been recognised for their unique wooden design, longevity and natural insulation. Our log cabin houses, with the unique corner connections, are built in the VitalHouses factory, using glued laminated pinewood or Siberian larch timber, which provides the unique Norwegian-style log cabin look to these wooden buildings. In addition to their unique build and design, log cabins from glued laminated timber have a few more important properties – high structural load capacity, minimum shrinking of timber, heat and sound insulation – as well as unlimited usage possibilities.


Log cabins by VitalHouses

VitalHouses provides the construction of varied log cabin house projects – single- and two-story log cabins and residential houses, as well as log cabin saunas, summer houses and guesthouses. Similar to wooden houses manufactured by VitalHouses, log cabin houses from Siberian larch are also suitable for carrying out exclusive residential home projects, due to the unique properties of the larch timber. Meanwhile, log cabins from glued laminated pinewood timber are more affordable when it comes to the construction costs. VitalHouses provides the full implementation of log cabin house projects - not only the construction of the log cabin frame but also interior finishing, with a wide range of finishing materials – terrace planks, interior finishing boards, floorboards and doors.

To find out more about the construction of log cabins, contact us by writing an e-mail to info@vital-houses.com

Advantages of log cabins

  • The timber doesn’t change its colour over time

  • Friendly to health and the environment

  • Protection against fire

  • Immune to mould and insects

  • Lower heat conductivity