Energy efficient houses

Looking for an energy efficient house that’s both high-quality and cost-efficient? When you’re choosing the most suitable solution for the intended project of the house, it’s important to remember that the energy efficiency of the house shall not have a negative effect on the living conditions indoors, which can often be connected to the usage of construction materials that are harmful to the health of its inhabitants. The biggest advantages of wooden houses include not only affordable construction costs and construction materials that have a positive impact on health but also low maintenance costs and high energy efficiency – including low heating costs.

Energy efficient houses by VitalHouses

The wooden houses created by VitalHouses are built using glued laminated timber from pinewood or Siberian larch, which not only provides excellent energy efficiency parameters but also creates a healthy and comfortable living space, which is further promoted by using timber for indoor finishing. The energy efficiency of wooden houses is first of all created by timber as an energy efficient construction material on its own (good thermal insulation abilities and heat conductivity), combined with correct handling of the timber. Secondly, the high energy efficiency of timber houses is also achieved by thought-out projects, high construction quality and suitable insulation materials. VitalHouses offers both cost-efficient, as well as exclusive energy efficient wooden houses. Wooden houses made of glued laminated pinewood timber will provide lower construction costs, meanwhile, residential houses made of Siberian larch will be long-standing wooden buildings with lower maintenance costs.

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VitalHouses also creates bespoke individual projects for passive houses. Siberian larch is a suitable material for carrying out passive house projects due to the qualities of larch timber, which is not only resistant to rot and fungi, but also comparable to oak timber when it comes to durability. Passive houses, which are built using Siberian larch or pinewood timber, comply with all of the main principles of zero-energy passive houses. In addition to that, the lifetime of houses made of Siberian larch can be measured in the span of several decades!

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The advantages of an Energy efficient wooden house

  • The timber doesn’t change its colour over time

  • Friendly to health and the environment

  • Protection against fire

  • Immune to mould and insects

  • Lower heat conductivity