Wooden Houses

VitalHouses koka mājas ikona priede.

Wooden houses have proven their value over many centuries and nowadays they are regaining their popularity, thanks to their quality, unlimited design possibilities and environmentally friendly materials. VitalHouses uses glued laminated timber from pinewood and Siberian larch for construction of our wooden houses. Combining the best properties of wood and the qualities of glued laminated timber, VitalHouses manufactures high-quality, safe and energy efficient wooden houses, saunas and garden sheds that will serve for several generations.

Wooden Houses by VitalHouses

VitalHouses provides the construction of exclusive wooden houses from glued laminated Siberian larch timber, as well as cost-effective wooden houses from glued laminated pinewood timber. Houses made of glued laminated pinewood timber offers all of the best advantages provided by wooden houses for affordable construction and maintenance costs. Meanwhile, wooden houses made of Siberian larch are exclusive and long-lasting wooden buildings that will keep the best properties of timber for generations.

All of the wooden houses manufactured by VitalHouses are energy efficient, as well as friendly to the environment and the health of their inhabitants. The usage of glued laminated timber in the manufacturing of wooden houses provides the option to carry out diverse wooden house projects – from compact and functional residential houses, summer houses and saunas with a small total area, to large residential houses or two-story wooden buildings and log cabins, as well as other wooden structures.

To find out more about the construction of wooden houses and the related costs, contact us by writing an e-mail to info@vital-houses.com

Glued laminated timber is a technologically-created lumber material with improved exploitation parameters, which consists of several layers of wooden lamellae. VitalHouses uses lamellae that are as long as possible for manufacturing glued laminated timber, to avoid losing the natural structure of timber. Softwood timber – pine, spruce and cedar - is most frequently used for manufacturing glued laminated timber, however, it can be made of hardwood timber as well. In order to improve the exploitation parameters, VitalHouses manufactures combined glued laminated timber, that have an outer lamella made of hardwood, while the inner lamellae are made of pinewood.

Why choose glued laminated timber for construction?

  • Aesthetic – the visual properties of glued laminated timber.
  • Healthy indoor environment – wooden houses made of glued laminated timber create a pleasant and healthy environment.
  • Environmentally friendly material – the glue that’s being used for connecting the layers of lamellae is compliant with the safety regulations of European Union.
  • High durability against cracking and deformation - the drying of lamellae and the glue that’s used in for connecting their layers, provides a higher stability of geometric measurements, ensuring that the timber doesn’t warp, doesn’t crack and doesn’t get deformed.
  • High levels of thermal isolation and durability – minimum amount of settling (0,4-1,5% throughout the whole exploitation period of the house).
  • Implementation of custom projects – glued laminated timber allows creating complicated and bent shapes, building long walls without partitions and joining the beams together. In addition to that, it also provides the option to combine walls of different thicknesses.
  • Easy and quick assembly – the construction of a wooden house from glued laminated timber can be performed in almost any weather conditions, which facilitates quick and financially beneficial implementation of construction projects.

  • To find out more about construction of wooden houses from glued laminated timber, contact us by writing an e-mail to info@vital-houses.com

    Advantages of wooden houses

    • Individual solutions and fast construction

    • Healthy indoor environment

    • Protection against fire

    • Immune to mould and insects

    • Lower heat conductivity