Exterior finishing materials

VitalHouses koka mājas ikona priede.

Thanks to their high quality and appealing aesthetic properties, wooden exterior finishing materials are more and more often being used for façade and interior finishes. The increased use of timber materials in both interiors and exteriors is facilitated not only by the wide-ranging possibilities for finishing solutions that they provide but also by the increasing demand for natural, environmentally friendly finishing materials. VitalHouses offers to manufacture custom-made finishing materials according to the customers’ preferences – wooden boards, panels and planks for terraces made from charred wood, Siberian larch and pinewood.

Exterior finishing materials by VitalHouses

The VitalHouses charred wood is created with a special treatment method, following the main principles of the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban / Yakisugi technology, which grants an inimitable appearance to the timber while also improving its physical properties. Wood charring technologies have been used all around the world for centuries, to preserve the positive properties of timber while simultaneously protecting it from rot and insects, which is achieved by charring the outer layers of the timber.
During this process, the timber is heated up to the temperature of 275 °C without any presence of oxygen, to ensure that different components of timber, such as tar, are completely burnt, so they can create a natural layer of thermal insulation. To ensure that the timber is burnt to the necessary depth, a certain amount of fire must be provided, and it must be put out with water at the exact right moment. After the timber is charred, it gets cleaned and treated with a natural oil. VitalHouses offers to tone the charred wood in a wide spectrum of colours - from grey to red.
Charred wood that’s processed using the Shou Sugi Ban / Yakisugi technology is a popular exterior finishing material not only due to aesthetic reasons but due to environmental reasons as well, as timber that’s treated this way is a fully organic and bio-degradable material. Historically, charred wood has mostly been used for exterior finishing, however, nowadays charred wood materials are used for interior finishes as well – for example as wall covering in bathrooms and saunas, because the surface is resistant to moisture and mould.

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VitalHouses offers a wide range of terrace planks and exterior finishing boards from Siberian larch and pinewood, with the option to carry out custom solutions as well. Both the larch and pinewood terrace planks are perfect for usage in terraces, summerhouses, canopies and balconies, as well as for carrying out the solutions of other individual construction projects. Due to the high endurance parameters and unique structure of the timber, terrace planks made of larch are widely used for building terrace surfaces, ensuring an unchanging quality of the terrace for the duration of many years. Meanwhile, the pinewood terrace planks are a more affordable solution for decking terrace surfaces, which will still serve for years, due to their heightened ability to endure moisture and extreme temperatures.

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In addition to building wooden houses, as well as manufacturing terrace planks and exterior finishing boards from larch and pinewood, VitalHouses also provides manufacturing of other finishing materials and wooden structures, for example, doors, stairs, floorboards and custom-made solutions according to the wishes of our customers.

To find out more about the finishing materials manufactured by VitalHouses, contact us by writing an e-mail to info@vital-houses.com

Advantages of charred wood

  • The timber doesn’t change its colour over time

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Protection against fire

  • Immune to mould and insects

  • Lower heat conductivity